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​​​​​​​  All Discounted!

Because you are #ImprovingEdu , Cody is giving you 25% OFF ALL of his Legendary Leadership Services!

  Leadership Development doesn't work!

$350 BILLION is spent on Leadership Development every year, but it is only 20% effective! Don't waste money on programs that don't work!

Instead - You wanted to look at


​​​​​​​  Increase Your Results

Lengendary Leadership tackles multiple aspects of of leadership, not just development, so that you can live a LEGENDARY Life! It is based on three pillars to get you faster results - Leadership Evolution (Psychophysiology), Leadership Development, and the Core of Leadership (Identity within Leadership)

​​​​​​​  Learn About YOUR Leadership

Get over 300 pages of reports that are designed to help you in understanding in different ways! From Communication Styles and EQ Levels to the places you experience Stress and best opportunites for Wellbeing, learn how you can make the

Greatest Impact!

Are You Ready to Become a

Legendary Leader?​​​​​​​


Do You have what it takes?

To be in the Top 2% of EQ?

EQ is one of the top determinants of success. How high is your EQ?

You can take the scientifically validated test to determine your EQ Score now! For a limited time you can get it at DISCOUNTED pricing at 25% OFF!

If you end up being in the top 2%, then you will be offered an opportunity to join and gain Membership to the BRAND NEW High EQ Society!

Within the society you will be able to connect with other High EQ individuals, as well as learn from

Cody Dakota Wooten (Who is in the Top 1% of High EQ).

There are many plans to make this a fun place for people to connect, learn, and gain higher levels of success!

If you aren't sure about taking the full test, there is also a Discounted Practice Test that you will be able to take which will give you a pretty good idea of where you currently stand!

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The Future Programs Leaders Will Need to Succeed PDF

What You Get FREE!

The Leader's Physiology - Quick Implimentation Guide PDF

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The CORE of Leadership Guide PDF

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PowerPoint from the

EDU 2.0 Conference PDF

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Obtaining L.I.F.E. and Overcoming D.E.A.T.H. in your Team, Business and Organization PDF

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